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Photo Booth sample


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What is an arcade style booth?
Unlike a traditional enclosed photo booth, an arcade style booth is an open system that adds to the life of the party when you can see everyone having fun! Photo Booth is very portable, and can be set up in spaces as small as a living room or as big as a ballroom. This style of booth is also great for groups, as many as 16 people can fit into a photo!
What is the best location for Photo Booth?
Anywhere close to the party! As an open-air booth, your event space becomes the background for your photos, so if you have a great view, use it! Many indoor venues have attractive wall spaces that can be used as well.
Can I use a backdrop?
Yes! We have studio backdrops in a variety of colors available. Please see Packages for more info. You may also decorate an area to be used by the booth yourself. Any backdrops should be 8ftx8ft in coverage.
Can the Photo Booth be set up outside?
Absolutely! Any outdoor setups do require a level ground and cover or a tent in the event of rain.
How much area does Photo Booth need?
A good amount of space for the booth is a 10ftx10ft area, not including a table space for props. Please be mindful that the booth set up does not block any corridors or fire exits.
Can children use the Photo Booth?
Yes! Photo Booth is a great addition to family events such as first birthdays and graduations. Children 10 and under must be supervised by a parent or responsible adult.
What areas do you geographically service?
Our service extends to all areas of Oahu, Hawaii.
Will I get copies of the photos?
We will mail you a thumbdrive with all of the images taken during the event, including the individual photos and the composites.
Does Photo Booth have any special requirements?
Photo Booth requires a reliable power source within 50 feet of the booth location. If props are included with your package, a table is also needed.

Is Photo Booth Easy to Use?

Photo Booth is easy to use! Photo Booth's touchscreen has on-screen instructions, and there's always a friendly attendant to help you and your guests!

Can I use Custom Artwork?

Custom layouts are created to fit your event's theme and style, but you can also create your own!

How much is Photo Booth?

Photo Booth comes in two, customizable flavors.